chalos6Heaven Sent Children Adoption assists families with completing home studies for adoptions from countries such as: Columbia, Ecuador, Honduras, India, South Korea, and China. At Heaven Sent Children Adoption, we have been helping build families through adoption since 1991 and have assisted in the support of families after placement of more than 1,000 children with families in Tennessee. Thank you for your interest in adopting internationally. All families who are interested in adopting internationally must have a home study completed by a licensed child placing agency in the state of their residence. This is part of our role in assisting families with international adoption.  We also assist families in selecting an international adoption program and placing agency, act as our families' liaison and advocate with our partnering agencies, assist with immigration paperwork, dossier compilation and authentication, international adoption education, counseling and support. Our staff is sensitive to the emotions families encounter when pursuing adoption and are eager to help you choose a country, decide on a referral, prepare for travel, and transition your child into your home. HundleyWe look forward to sharing your adoption experience. If you have chosen Heaven Sent Children as your home study adoption agency, you may contact us for an application to begin the adoption process. The fee due with the application is $150. Your Adoption Counselor will contact you after receipt of your application to schedule the first visit to begin the Home Study process. For questions about countries you are considering, please feel free to call our office and speak with an Adoption Counselor. Each of our workers has a special area of interest and expertise.

If you are interested in international adoption contact or you can call us at (931) 684-4676.

Hague Accredited 

Heaven Sent Children is a Hague Accredited agency. What does this mean for our families?  We can help families and orphans in any country that provides intercountry adoption, and especially those countries that have ratified the Hague Convention.  The purpose of the Hague Convention and Accreditation is to strengthen protections for children, birthparents, and prospective adoptive parents in the adoption process.  It ensures that countries work together so that adoptions take place in the best interest of children and to prevent the abduction, sale, or trafficking of children in connection with intercountry adoption.  

The Process for International Adoption

1. Send us your completed application with your $150 application fee.

2. Complete a home study. The home study is a 10-12 page written report that tells about you and your family. The document includes sections on each member of the family, marriage, medical, employment, financial, description of the home, arrest record (if any), religion, attitudes towards children, discipline, and counseling for adoption. Typically, 4 visits are required and each visit is about 2-3 hours in duration. Your Adoption Counselor may recommend that you attend workshops, support groups, and read articles/books on adoption to better prepare you for the journey of adoption.

3. Decide on a Country & Placing Agency. Your Adoption Counselor can assist you in choosing the program which best meets your criteria. Heaven Sent Children partners with placing agencies with programs in your country of choice. Families typically make this decision while in the Home Study process.

4. File with United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS). Your Adoption Counselor will assist you with completing the appropriate forms and applying after your home study is complete.

5. Begin Education. Hague requirements are that each adoptive parent complete 10 hours of adoption preparation education, unless your placing agency requires more. Your Adoption Counselor can give you information on completing this education requirement.  All education must be completed during the home study process.

6. Prepare the legal documents (dossier). The documents required by each country vary, but will include documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificate, physicians letters, reference letters, police clearance letters, and CIS approval. We can work with you in completing your dossier and having it certified and legalized. These documents will be filed in court or presented to government officials in the country your child resides in. They will be used to process your adoption.

7. Receive and accept a child referred to you. In consultation with your Adoption Counselor, you will receive a referral of a child, from your placing agency, which usually includes a picture, background information and a medical report. It is always advised that families seek a medical opinion to help them make an informed decision when accepting a referral.

8. Travel. You will be notified when you need to travel to the country and enter your petition to adopt in court, bring your child home after finalization, or when you child is being escorted to you. As soon as the legal work is complete, you are the child's legal parent, and you complete your immigration visa with the U.S. Embassy in that country and return to the United States.

9. If your child is being escorted to you, the legal work and visa are completed first and then permission is granted for the escort to leave the country with your child. Home. After your child is home, we will begin the post placement visits with your family. These must be completed according to the laws and policies of Heaven Sent Children, your child's country, and your state. The purpose of these reports is two fold. To show the country of origin that the placement of the child in your care was a good decision and to assist you with the adjustment of parenting a child from another country.

10. Citizenship and Re-adoption. Upon arrival home, begin the process to obtain your child's social security number, certificate of citizenship and complete the re-adoption in Tennessee to receive a Tennessee Report of Foreign Birth Certificate. Your Adoption Counselor can assist you in completing these steps.

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Fees to Consider

  • Home Study Fee
  • Interagency Coordination Fee
  • Monitoring & Oversight Fee
  • USCIS Application
  • Placing Agency Application Fee - varies by agency
  • Placing Agency Program Fee - varies by agency
  • Dossier Authentication
  • Fed Ex Expenses
  • Passport for Child
  • Child Medical Exam for Embassy Visit
  • Child US Visa
  • Travel, lodging, and other in-country expenses vary depending on the country
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