The Center for Family Development is a non-profit organization dedicated to building Forever Families. We have a number of programs, all of which complement one another to provide a holistic approach to meeting the needs of families. Take a look and see how this holistic approach works at The Center for Family Development.

Our Programs


Do you want to find out more information about placing a child for adoption? Heaven Sent Children is here to answer any questions you may have. You can call us; that doesn’t mean you are making a commitment. It will just help you find out more about the adoption process. Making a decision to place a child for adoption is a life-giving gift for that child, but also one that has many emotional turns along the way. Should you choose to place a child through Heaven Sent Adoption, we are committed to walking with you, through support and counseling, so you can have all the tools you feel you need for this journey.

Healthy Families Program

Are you pregnant or a new parent and not only want to parent, but be the best parent you can be? Healthy Families Program provides a unique visitation program that helps you have the tools you need to parent through those first few years. Our home visitors provide weekly home visitation that includes unique tools and resources to engage you and your baby. This fun learning environment enables you to gain information concerning all aspects of parenting, while enabling your child to reach those important building blocks for every stage of development.

Relative Caregiver Program

Life can be full of surprises!Do you find yourself raising a grandchild or extended family member? It can be a challenge to start over on this journey; sometimes with little or no additional resources to provide for that child. Relative Caregiver Program provides an incredible support system that includes regular visits, group activities, educational opportunities and referral services for needs that may arise.

Nuturing Parent Program

Have you been raising a child for some time and feel frustrated with the ongoing obstacles that you encounter while parenting? Do you feel like you could use some strategies for positive parenting? Our Nurturing Parent Program offers an individualized weekly class that will give you tools for your parenting toolbox. You will meet one on one with a parenting specialist who will work with you to address those tough issues concerning discipline, positive parenting and strengthening the bond between you and your child.

Co-Parenting Class

Are you experiencing divorce? This can be traumatic for all parties involved; husband, wife and children. Co-Parenting Class will give you tools in order to navigate through this challenging time. Classes are held monthly for a nominal fee.

A Little About Our Staff

Denise Hobbs, LMSW, Executive Director

Denise has spent over 30 years in the field of Child Welfare. She spent 17 years with Department of Children’s Services working in child protective services, foster care, adoptions and frontline supervision. She received her MSSW from University of Tennessee College of Social Work in 1994. Denise also spent 3 years in Community Mental Health as a therapist and Director of a Mental Health Center. Denise has done extensive grant writing and program development. Denise co-founded The Center for Family Development in 1998 and it currently serves 16 counties in Middle Tennessee. Denise began work at Heaven Sent Children in July 2009 and took on the role of Executive Director in January 2010. Denise is a foster, adoptive, birth parent, step parent and relative caregiver and is surviving the complexities of all those roles. She has 1 birth son, 2 stepsons, 1 adopted son, 2 adopted daughters, and 1 unofficial adopted/foster daughter. In addition she has fostered 12 children and many birth parents through the child welfare system. To date she has 7 grand children.

Cindy Posey, LBSW, Program Director

Cindy has 20 years of experience as a Social Worker in a variety of settings including assisting the homeless in Nashville, advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities, and working with families in the adoption process. Cindy joined the Heaven Sent Children team in January 2001 and has worked with hundreds of families since that time. As an adoptive mother, she has a passion for adoption and is devoted to helping families prepare to meet the needs of their child throughout their lives, especially as it relates to their adoption story. Cindy believes that adoption education for birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees is essential for all members of the adoption triad to have understanding and acceptance of this unique way to form a family. With more than 10 years of adoption experience, Cindy works with birth mothers, guides families through the home study process, works with families in post placement supervision, and manages the staff and adoption program at the Murfreesboro office.
Cindy and her husband, Wylder, are parents of two children, Wyatt and Sara.

Deliska Lombard, LMSW, Associate Director

Deliska joined the TCFD team in July 2014. She has worked with children and families for 21 years, includes the following: serving as housemother of 60 children at an orphanage in Mexico, working as a CASA volunteer, working with foster children, working at a child advocacy center in forensic interviewing and Trauma Focused therapy, as well as working with her husband in children’s ministry at their local church. Deliska and her husband, Jeff, have been married for 17 years and have four beautiful children, Grace, Abigail, Benjamin and Kiersten. They are also adoptive parents through domestic adoption. Deliska has worked with TCFD for more than 10 years in varying volunteer capacities and has always been drawn to the heart of TCFD’s mission, “Building forever families, through the provision of services which enables children and families to thrive”. Deliska believes that this is the heart of TCFD and Heaven Sent and guides the organization in the holistic services provided to families. She is passionate about keeping children safe and healthy and loves that she gets to be a part of an organization that has the same passion.

Allison Motley, BSCFS, Adoption Counselor

Allison is an adoptive mother of two children, one through international adoption and one domestically. She is thrilled to be working at Heaven Sent where she will be able to assist other individuals in building their families. Adoption is a passion for Allison, and she understands the desire to make dreams of having a child a reality. She has lived in middle Tennessee her entire life, and has been in Murfreesboro since 1996. She comes to us with a background of over 10 years of mental health experience, and has previously worked in adoption as well. Her background offers her the ability to relate to adoptive families; she shares joys and is ready with a listening, understanding ear. Allison guides families through the home study process and offers support through post placement supervision and beyond.

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